How to Cancel NonRefundable Reservation

You reserved a room from earlier because you should find a room as soon as possible before your trip dates. As you notice that finding room is getting harder while your dates are closing.

Having a nonrefundable reservation on

If you ever reserved a room which is a nonrefundable type, is really non refundable ! If you read European Consumer Rights this is really defined in policies that you don’t any chance to get your money back. So if your charging done and paid, you don’t have any option to get it back even you don’t stay. But there is some other tricks 🙂

If you paid, no chance ! But there is some options

After you paid from credit card you can’t get your money back even you contact with customer service on or customer service on your hotel. But hotels can offer you some other options. For example some hotels are group corporations, i mean X Hotels Groups like that. So you can change your hotel in to this group one to an other. Or some times they can hold your money and give you an option to use it on other dates. As a result they don’t give it back ! If you make payment you should be afraid !

How to cancel nonrefundable room on 

Well in normal situation there is no way to do that. So what are the alternatives for this? To cancel your reservation you should not paid yet. I mean you give your card details to and if you still waiting for charging, you have an chance to cancel !

We should know about the cancellation conditions on;

  • First rule is charging had not been yet,
  • Credit Card may have a insufficient balance
  • Credit Card may be stolen
  • Use a Virtual Credit Card that has no limit

For all of these options, can’t charge from your card ! So if they can’t get your money they cancel your charging even nonrefundable room reservation until 5 days to your trip.

As a result,

Virtual Credit Card

Most easiest way to protect your money, you should use a Virtual Credit Card so you can set your credit card limit whenever you want. At the beginning you can set your card limit 0 (zero) USD so when you decide to pay your nonrefundable reservation you can change your card limit.

Unchargable Statement

If you don’t have a virtual credit card or you already put your regular card details on but still have a time to stop charging, you can call your bank and request them to cancel your card because of stolen. So bank stops all transactions from your card and can’t charge your money.

Or an other option you can spend all of your credit card balance or you can change your card limit lower than your hotel reservation cost. In these conditions still transaction can not be done from

And finally your cancellation is process..

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