LDAP Query in Ms Sql Server

Here is an query example to query on LDAP from Microsoft Sql Server, SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY(BankEuropaAD, 'SELECT ipPhone, displayname,givenName,sn,SamAccountName, protocolSettings FROM ''LDAP://trbeuadc02'' WHERE objectCategory = ''Person'' AND msExchUserAccountControl=''0'' AND ipPhone >''1'' ') Rowset_1

List Job Activity on a Ms Database

This procedure lists job activities in a Microsoft Sql Server, msdb.dbo.sp_help_jobactivity

List All Table Names in a Database

This is a buildin sql stored procedure that lists all tables in a database use Content EXEC sp_tables @table_name = '%', @table_owner = 'dbo', @table_qualifier = 'Content';

Msms AS400 Procedure Call

This is an procedure call script from an As400 Database that linked in to Microsoft Sql Server as a linked server. Declare @PIACCT CHAR(10) Declare @QIBAN CHAR(26) DECLARE @HATA CHAR(30) DECLARE @SHORTN CHAR(18) Exec ('{CALL TAKACZEH.IBANSP1(?,?,?,?)}',@PIACCT,@QIBAN out,@HATA out,@SHORTN out) AT EUROTEST Select @PIACCT,@QIBAN,@HATA,@SHORTN